Frequently asked questions



What is MilkMoney?
MilkMoney sources unsold billboard inventory directly from billboard operators around the country and provides highly discounted deals to our users.

What cities are you in? 
We are in most major US markets including: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Atlanta, Seattle, Miami and Las Vegas.

What types of billboards can I buy?
We offer hot deals on all types of billboards, including: Wallscapes, Spectaculars, Bulletins, Posters, Digital, Transit, Airport/Mall Displays, Wild Postings and Wrapped Vehicles.

How much can I expect to save?
Anywhere between 50% - 90% off the rate card, depending on the board type, location and timing.

How much do billboards cost?
They start at $250 and go up depending on the size of the board, the location and the duration of time.

Where do the billboards come from?
MilkMoney sources inventory from major and independent billboard operators around the country.

Do you put the buyer in touch with the owner of the billboard to handle logistics?
No. You provide us the creative and we manage all the logistics.

Do you provide impressions, demographics, precise location, site photos, etc.?
Yes we do.

Who handles printing and mounting?
We do.


In Touch

How do I contact MilkMoney?
For General inquiries:
For Customer Support :
For Press inquiries:
For Job/Internship inquiries:

How do I get alerted about new deals?
Sign up for our Newsletter and receive hot billboard deals in your desired locations. 

Where is MilkMoney located?
Beverly Hills, California

Where can I read your Terms?
Our Terms of Use can he found here.

How do you use my personal information?
All personal information provided is stored in our databases and will not be rented, sold, or otherwise used except to support a transaction or a customer support matter.


Design Process

Who handles designing the billboard?
You do.

Who handles printing the billboard?
We do.

Who handles installing the billboard?
We do.

What file format should the creative be?
We accept .PDF or .PSD files.

Can I make changes to my creative?
Once creative has been submitted, it is final. However, subject to additional fees, the creative may be replaced.


Order Process

How long till billboards go live?
Typically within 5 days once creative has been approved. However, we do not guarantee against weather and or 3rd party printers/installer delays. 

How long will my billboard stay up?
Billboards are subject to the contracted terms. 

How many billboards can I buy at one time?
As many as are available. 

How do I pay?
Via wire transfer or check. 

Can I change or cancel my order?
Due to the time sensitive nature of our business, all sales are final and nonrefundable. However, subject to additional fees, the creative may be replaced.