About Us

MilkMoney creates new found opportunities for both billboard owners and advertisers seeking last-minute deals.  

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or an early-stage startup, MilkMoney has billboards to fit your budget and needs.

Our system sources unsold inventory from the largest national billboard owners, down to the smallest independently operated ones, providing our users the largest selection of billboards available at any given time. 


To see the nations billboards filled with great advertisements, regardless of the size or budget of the advertiser.


To provide all advertisers an opportunity to own great billboards.


If you are patient, flexible and can move quickly when an opportunity presents itself, you deserve to have it.

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ADVANTAGES of billboards

  • Lower cost per impression than other mass media.
  • Efficiently target particular ethnic groups, ages, income or other demographic segments.
  • People are guaranteed to see billboards since they can't be delayed, skipped, or turned off.
  • They are "on" 24 hours per day.
  • They make a bold statement.