It takes a village to launch a memorable ad campaign and we’re proud to work with the best and brightest: media owners, printers, photographers and graphic designers.

Media Owners

Whether you have a handful of units or hundreds of thousands of assets global, MilkMoney helps media owners fill their unsold inventory. Join our community, upload your inventory and fill your assets with incredible ad campaigns!

MilkMoney is an exciting company, with technology that has brought OOH into the 21st Century. Their marketplace has successfully connected us with dozens of new clients, delivering crucial last-minute sales and filling space on otherwise vacant billboards – all while securing great deals for advertisers.”
Andy Kleist Becker Boards
Andy Kleist Becker Boards


Whether you're a small mom-and-pop operation or a nationwide enterprise organization, MilkMoney has thousands of printing and fabrication jobs that need to be fulfilled across the world. Join our community, make your printers available and start booking more jobs!

"We are not the large national printshop with multiple satellite offices, but we are competitive due to our quality product and service. MilkMoney has been a steady and loyal partner from the beginning. In the print business, if you’re NOT printing, you’re losing money, and MilkMoney has helped fill those gaps.”
Anthony Pannutti Camel City
Anthony Pannutti Camel City


Whether you take up photography as a hobby or as a full-time job, MilkMoney has thousands of ad campaigns that require glam shots, drone footage and time lapse videos. Join our community, crack open an energy drink and get ready to book jobs in your spare time. 

"As a full time professional Photographer it's nice to book side jobs in-between the big gigs. MilkMoney offers me the flexibility to choose the campaigns I shoot and it's extremely gratifying knowing I am able to help advertisers capture quality shots of their ads."
Joe Chung
Joe Chung

Graphic Designers

Whether you do graphic design as a hobby or as a professional designer, MilkMoney has thousands of advertisers that can use your skills to create their next big ad campaign. Join our community, brew some coffee and get ready to book some incredible jobs in your spare time.

As a full-time graphic designer, MilkMoney has given me the freedom to take on extra work in my spare time and exposed me to new customers I would not have had the opportunity to work with otherwise. Overall the experience has been great and would recommend them to anyone pushing to elevate their career/business.
Parker Leen
Parker Leen

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