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  • Los Angeles, Houston
  • Bulletin, Wallscape

Dia & Co is dedicated to meeting the plus size community’s full range of style needs. They apply the best of data and technology to serve women who have been ignored for far too long—from developing the shopping experiences she’s always wanted, to building community platforms that inspire her, to ensuring she sees herself represented in the world around her. Dia & Co was interested in pursuing a targeted geo-local campaign to build brand awareness with a relatively untapped segment of our market. To date, their focus was on non targeted brand awareness activities on predominantly broad-targeting digital channels - focusing on a more targeted brand awareness building approach, leveraging a geo-local saturation strategy and being able to retarget her when she is home. 

As women have curves, so do roads. With artwork designed to grab her attention, MilkMoney paired witty and captivating creatives on roadways with curves ahead. Each of the creatives were unique, allowing for Dia to introduce multiple outfits that the targeted customer could potentially be interested in. 


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